Kearny Cluster Core Values

Angier's Top 5 Core Beliefs

  1. Teachers will create a classroom environment that is both print rich and student centered which will include: co-created charts that students can access as use as a tool during lessons, charting will be current and should reflect the learning happening in the classroom at that time, student work samples that reflect the learning happening in the classroom, and all structures and materials in the classroom should be geared toward the student.
  2. Teachers will use both formative and summative assessments throughout the school year to provide intervention for students, for re-teaching difficult concepts, for planning lessons and units, for enrichment, and for all other instructional decisions made with the focus on assisting students in their application of all CCSS.
  3. Every classroom will have a posted daily schedule with instructional focus.
  4. In the classroom teacher will foster collaborative conversations around what they are teaching and rout those conversation in the text/content being taught. The students' conversations should be facilitated by the teacher to promote a discussion that builds understanding off of the collaborative conversations happening in the classroom.
  5. Teachers will collaborate regularly through PLCs and Staff Development to provide standards based instruction that meets the needs of their diverse learners.

Carson COLTS Values

  1. Care about yourself and others
  2. Offer to Help
  3. Lead by Example
  4. Take Responsibility
  5. Show Respect
  6. Learn by Doing

Chesterton Core Values

  1. Parents are active partners in their child's educational journey
  2. HIGH EXPECTATIONS for ALL students
  3. All decisions are student-centered and data driven
  4. Every staff member is a learner and actively engages in professional learning
  5. All members of the school community treat each other with the utmost kindness and respect

Fletcher Elementary School

  1. At Fletcher Elementary we will provide a rigorous and challenging curriculum in order to meet the diverse needs of our community of learners in a safe, healthy and welcoming environment.
  2. We expect our learners
  • To take an active role in their learning
  • To persevere through rigorous and challenging curriculum
  • To be digitally literate
  • To develop and demonstrate their creative thinking processes through real world applications

All to be done while honoring and respecting our differences and diversity in a safe and nurturing environment.

3. As a community based quality school - Fletcher Elementary expects an equal partnership between families, staff, and children and the entire local community. We will continue to facilitate meaningful partnerships, dialogue and collaboration to ensure the success of our students, staff and school.

Juarez Elementary

  • All students have the right to achieve their academic potential via high quality instruction

  • All students have the right to learn in a respectful, positive, nurturing, and safe environment

  • Diversity is to be highlighted, honored, and respected

  • Positive collaboration between school, home, and community is critical to student success

Montgomery Middle School-Core Values

  • Expectations are high for everyone
  • Resources are focused in the classrooms
  • We show pride in our school by ensuring that we have a safe and orderly campus - which is maintained by faculty, staff and students.
  • We believe everyone plays an important role in the education of a child: parents, teachers, community agencies and students (all stakeholders).
  • Our decisions (budgetary and academic) are based on data and what is 'best' for students

Ross Elementary School-Core Values

  • All students must receive high, quality instruction at all times in all academic areas.
  • The school campus must always be a safe, orderly and clean environment inside and out.
  • Professionalism must be practiced at all times and students and their families must be treated with dignity and respect.
  • All school employees must be committed to the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.
  • All school employees must be committed to the ensuring that all students have a positive experience throughout their entire education.
  • All decisions made must center around what is "best for the education of the students."
  • Parents must be provided every opportunity to take an active role in their child's education.

Wegeforth Core Values:

  1. All students must be provided with access to an engaging, challenging, well-rounded curriculum, that is data-driven and differentiated to meet the needs of all learners, including the humanities, mathematics, the sciences, technology, the arts, physical education and health, and fosters students' social and emotional well-being.
  2. All adults must provide clear, measurable goals and expectations, for students and parents, in order to enable students to become self-motivated and responsible for their learning.
  3. All adults must demonstrate honesty, good ethics, respect and dignity toward others, strong classroom management, and work cooperatively and collaboratively with peers, in order to provide strong role models for students, within rich standards-based instruction, and ensuring one or more year's growth in academic achievement each school year.
  4. All community members must be included in our efforts to build a cooperative and collaborative learning community that is student-centered.
  5. All students must have access to grade-level curriculum alongside their same-age peers in the general education environment.

Taft Core Beliefs

  • All students can achieve at high levels
  • Students must feel safe and empowered to take risks
  • We value students' lives and make personal connections
  • Learning rests in purposeful, real world applications and contexts
  • Student conversations are an integral part of the learning process

Kearny High School Complex

  1. An appreciation of diversity and similarity among adults and students
  2. A focus on integrated practice and collaboration for adults and students
  3. High expectations in and out of the classroom for adults and students
  4. Personal accountability for continuous learning for adults and students
  5. Organizing learning to prepare students to engage in a world community
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